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Meet Lora Riggs

Lora Riggs is a Registered and Certified Master Life Coach, and the author of "What part of you CAN, don't you understand?". Her love for coaching began as far back as middle school when she was placed in a children's home in Tallahassee, Fl.


Lora has the ability to understand her clients in a unique way. She herself has been in a multitude of "bad" relationships whether they be familial or romantic in nature. She had to take a long hard look at her own life to find the missing pieces, rebuild and salvage the relationships that were important to her. She admittedly has been divorced and is now thriving with her new husband Jere, in Orlando, Fl.


Before meeting the love of her life, she was married twice and both divorces were horrific in nature. Both ended because each husband cheated with family members, which was extremely painful for her to go through. She was devastated and didn't think she could ever move past it.  It was a long, painful journey, but she healed and is now in a wonderful marriage with her husband Jere. Think about it, would you rather have someone who knows where you are or someone who has always been in the perfect marriage and hasn't a clue what you're facing on a daily basis?


Lora believes everyone is capable of reaching their potential in relationships. It’s a matter of choosing and maintaining the right mindset. With the right skills, anything is possible!


"I help people who are going through divorce or a breakup find not only the right balance, but who can help re-establish their life. I show them how to build on the past, (mistakes and all) not ignore them , but embrace them as you grow into the person you were always meant to be."   ~ Lora Riggs


Are you ready to make a change? Let’s get started!

Lora Riggs, CPMLC

Certified and Master Life Coach