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Meet Lora Riggs

Lora Riggs is a Registered and Certified Master Life Coach, and the author of "What part of you CAN, don't you understand?". Her love for coaching began as far back as middle school when she was placed in a children's home in Tallahassee, Fl.


Lora has the ability to understand her clients in a unique way. She herself has been through heart healing and has recently felt God's calling on her life for something "more". Praying for guidance and having others pray for her, she strongly felt God's direction in helping others heal as she had. Although a few years ago she healed from obesity first, she has had heart healing as well.


Now understandably, she wants to give back in a healthy way to those God sends to her, male or female, to take on this journey of body and soul healing.  It will be an edifying journey, not one of breaking you down. If you have been told you are fat, that you could lose a few pounds, "you would be so pretty if you lost ____lbs", that's not loving or edifying! that's breaking you down! And it's not "joking around" either, it's putting you down and it will not be done on this journey with Christ or tolerated! Not even by you looking into the mirror with self-talk! 


Think about it, would you rather have someone who knows where you are and has been in your shoes or someone who has always been in the perfect size 6 and hasn't a clue what you're facing on a daily basis?


Lora believes everyone is capable of reaching their potential in heart/body relationship. It’s a matter of choosing and maintaining the right relationship with Jesus Christ and God the Father. With the right skills, anything is possible! God can move mountains, He can certainly do wonders in your life.


"I help people who are struggling to hear from God, personally! I help them connect with the Holy Spirit and get past their heart pain and find not only peace, but who can help them re-establish a life of confidence and a renewed relationship with God and themselves. I show them how to embrace their confidence in Jesus Christ as they grow into the person they were always meant to be."   ~ Lora Riggs


Are you ready to make a change? Let’s get started!

Lora Riggs, CPMLC
Certified and Master Life Coach, Prophetic Heart and Body Healer, NASM-CPT (in-Progress)

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