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Parent / Child relationships are HARD! Can't get past the past?

Having problems in your relationship with your parent or child? Can't get past what they've done in the past, or even in the present? In many ways these relationships are the hardest to reconcile. This pain runs deep, as do the scars.


Are you tired of overlooking bad behavior? Bad behavior can come from either side! Do you have a controlling mother or father? Do you have an unreasonable son or daughter?


Do you have unresolved issues of abandonment by a parent due to divorce? Do you feel left out of your child's life due to divorce and not know how to build or rebuild a relationship with your child? Most children want a relationship with both parents, however, some withdraw completely from the absent parent due to alienation from the primary parent. They mirror the primary parent's attitude toward the absent parent and reject them in many ways.


Are you willing to work on repairing those relationships? Please don't take the path of least resistance and allow your relationship to be more severly damaged or even die completely.


Email today and schedule an appointment, I can help!